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What does your sexy lingerie say about you?

What does your sexy lingerie say about you? Well, first of all do you even wear sexy lingerie in the bedroom? If the answer is no then it says how adventurous you are or aren't. Wearing sexy lingerie suggests you think about your romantic life ahead of time, or plan how you are going to look and feel in the bedroom. If you are wearing panties and a t-shirt then you are concerned more about comfort than about appearances. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but you can't deny that this says something about you. What it says is not necessarily negative but a statement is being made nonetheless.
Think about it this way. A man who doesn't shave or shower every day could be said to be unstructured, care free and a man who cares more about what he does rather than how he looks or even smells. Is that a negative statement? Well, you decide. A man who grooms himself every morning, shaves, puts some product in his hair and wears fashionable, clean clothes, maybe brushes his teeth and maybe even wears cologne. Who would you rather spend an evening with at a local restaurant?
The point is that it matters and it does say something about you. Does that mean that a woman must wear sexy lingerie every night? Hopefully not! Sexy lingerie is intended to make a statement about a woman, how she feels about herself and also how she feels about the man in her life. Is it easy? No, unfortunately not really. C'mon, lets face it, getting all dolled up in some very revealing night wear that shows off her body in all its splendor. This at a time when you are tired, sleepy and stressed out after a day of kids, work and well, stress. Easy it isn't. So what is a girl to do. Well, perhaps all she needs do is realize that it says something about her, what she wears to bed. If it says something about what she or he wears to work, then it really does matter what she wears to bed. Ignore it at your own risk.
Is that a threat? No and yes! Relationships at work matter, relationships at home matter as well. Most of us would never dare show up at work in pajama pants and our hair in curlers. Most men would not show up at work in his U Conn t-shirt with stains and holes in it to his job with some underwear with holes in it and so on. You get the message. Sure you might consider one to be more important that the other. But if you do, consider what it says about you.
Sexy lingerie is a statement maker all right as either a man or woman who takes the time to get dressed and spends the time grooming themselves is likely a special person in his or her relationship. The examples used in this article may be a bit obvious but the point is the same. A matched bra and panty set sends a specific message that a woman cares about how she looks. It is not an accident that women and men in the movies are dressed in matching bra sets and thigh high stockings and perhaps some high heels. But even though most if not almost all women choose to take their stockings and high heels off before sex, the effect can be arousing. A womans body looks hot naked but can be even more effective with a push up bra and some well fitting panties, stockings as well. The next time you are getting ready for bed, think about what your night wear says about you. Is it the message you really want to send?

When did you start wearing sexy lingerie?

Since wearing intimate apparel like lingerie is usually not discussed in polite company it is difficult to say who, what, when and where about the subject. Sexy lingerie is designed to be worn in private places between two adults and by and large the rest is up to girls and women to learn on their own. That talk between mom and daughter may or may not ever get to the subject of the wheres and whys of wearing sexy lingerie. So what is a girl to do, or should I say woman. Most of us would agree that girls are not to be wearing sexy lingerie but that truly depends on what age we call a girl a girl and when we call her a woman. In this day and age of awareness and freedoms it can be a bizarre array of what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. A married 19 year old girl is her daddys little girl and a mans wife, all at the same time. A sixteen year old girl is a girl, even if she were married. In our culture that would certainly be too young to be married but not in all cultures, to be sure. So are we any closer to the answer to the question, When did you start wearing sexy lingerie? I think not! Some might say, when a girl gets married is a time to start wearing sexy lingerie. Others might wonder in this day of a Miley Cyrus oddly and uniquely touching herself before a many million people audience as to whether that age doesn't start far earlier. Does it matter? Since wearing sexy lingerie is a private matter does it matter when a girl starts wearing sexy lingerie? Since it is a private matter the answer is surely no, it doesnt matter. A girl can buy sexy lingerie at virtually any age I suppose. She can always say it is for a gift, for her mother, sister or older girl friend. But does the sales clerk even have a right in inquire as to who that sexy piece of clothing is for? Probably not as there are no age limitations anyone has to be to purchase suggestive intimate apparel. But does that not fly directly in the face of those good people who are honestly and deservedly concerned about human trafficking or the slave/sex trade? If society felt it was enough of a problem then they would place restrictions on the age of purchasers of sexy lingerie, right?
There are those who might say this is a silly, frivilous article as girls know when to start wearing sexy lingerie. They and they alone can decide for themselves at what age they should be sexually active, or at the very least that is up to their parents or guardians. If nothing else it bears considering as a girl of 17 today is far more mature than one of say 50 years ago, right? Or does it matter. I think it does as our society is evolving and many complain devolving. Are we progressing or regressing? Does what a girl wears to bed alone or with someone else matter? Should it be a matter of public policy? Should government be involved in what goes on in a private bedroom? What goes on between consenting adults is one thing, but what about a girl and a guy. What about a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old guy? Don't think the problem doesn't exist as it certainly does. In an age where teachers are charged and often found guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a minor, perhaps we have only seen the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the reader can dismiss the question as the issue never came up for them. But when did you start wearing sexy lingerie? Is the question a harmless one or one that requires more than a passing thought? Clearly I don't have any answers, but if clothing says anything about a person, and I believe it does, what a woman wears to bed is both her business and depending on her age, the business of others. I just don't really know when that age is and who should be deciding it.
The next logical question goes to sexy costumes. Wearing sexy costumes at Halloween parties and public gatherings is common place. Guys wear costumes, while girls wear sexy costumes. Flirty Lingerie,, has sold these costumes for many years and interest is still high among our customers. While many are flirty and fun, others are fairly revealing and suggestive. Only in fun, we think so, but many parents have raised objections, while others accompany their children or young girls to buy the products. Are we training our young girls to wear revealing clothing or simply allowing them to socialize in an age appropriate manner? Sex is part of life, right? It seems whether we like it, encourage it or not the society seems to agree that this is appropriate or at least allowable behavior. Healthy or not the trend seems to be here to stay. Twerking, and all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buying Crotchless Lingerie for your Lover

If you are buying crotchless lingerie for your lover then there are a number of things to keep in mind. Buying crotchless lingerie for your lover, wife or girlfriend sends a very distinct message to her and perhaps that is your intent. Regardless we offer some ideas to make the gift and resultant evening a big hit.

There are few gifts that a man can give a woman that suggest romance and sex other than crotchless lingerie and the more you know the better off you will both be. First of all crotchless and open crotch are often interchangable but you are safer asking exactly what does the site or store mean when they say crotchless. Logic would indicate that the two terms are interchangable but they aren't. Open crotch is often used to described where the front of the panty or other garment is open but for the ribbons of material in front that expose the front of a woman's vaginal area but it is not completely open. Thus the ribbon has to be untied or the garment was not intended to be able to be used for forplay or such.

Also some open crotch or crotchless items are more open than others so one needs to determine the degree to which the garment is open before assuming that it will allow a penis, vibrator or other item without tearing. Some crotchless items are more practical is all I am saying and practicality is up to the consumer.

So what is the reason for crotchless garments anyway? Is it just for sex, duh? Or is there another reason or reasons? Actually the other reason is the primary reason for crotchless garments, or at least some of them. Keep in mind that crotchless or open crotch have been around for some time in bodystockings . Bodystockings are those one piece leotard type garments that have a head to toe design and going to the ladies room often requires a woman to get totally undressed. Well, now isn't that inconvenient? Of course it is and without the open crotch many to most women would not wear the bodystocking. Who can blame them? Thus convenience, known as using the rest room conveniently wins the day!

Other garments are crotchless for other reasons and they generally have to do with sex or romance or just being a little bit naughty. Derided by many as why buy a garment with a hole in it, crotchless garments are definitely not for everyone, are they? But they certainly are very popular with virtually every lingerie manufacturer getting in on the market. From panties to lingerie crotchless is one hot property. Buy one, wear it and whisper into your guys ear that you are wearing "crotchless panties" and see if it doesn't change the whole tenor of the evening.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What do you know about your lover?

What do you know about your lover is a question that every woman should ask themselves for a couple of good reasons. One is who is this guy, really? Second is how can you have a healthy relationship with a man when you don't really know him? Third, how compatible are the two of you? The question of what do you know about your lover needs to be answered as soon as possible in a relationship to avoid any of the likely pitfalls in any relationship.

The problem with a lot of relationship advice is that it is researched when the relationship is in trouble, or approaching the edge of the cliff and at that time help may not really help much. So it only makes sense to attack the problem as you know, yes know, problems are on the horizon.

In the auto care business it is called preventitive maintainence as in changing the oil regularly or getting a tune up at so many miles even though it seems you don't really need it. The truth is you do need it even though the car seems to be running ok. The same applies for a couple of the same reasons. Being compatible is not magic, as in the knight in shining armor. That is a joke, sorry girls! There is a lot of trial and error in a relationship, a lot of it. People have to learn how to act with a perfect, or imperfect stranger. We don't always say the right things, sometimes the circumstances cause a problem and it helps to know how to navigate through those troubled waters. Sorry for the old cliches but you get the idea.

So how do you find out about the man you sleep with, may live with and claim to love? Well, the simple answer is you ask him! That is right, ask! But be prepared for the fact that he is going to lie, in all liklihood. Does that mean he is not the guy for you? No, not at all it simply means he is normal. Now remember he should be asking you the same or very similar questions. How is that for an evening with a bottle of your favorite wine?

Most couples simply don't ask their mates enough questions unless there is a problem, and often the questions are laced with innuendo, accusations and anger which is otherwise known as a toxic cocktail that often explodes in both of your faces. So you must, I said must have a strategy as some of the questions are on sensitive subjects, like porn, masturbation, money, old flames and the like. When done correctly it can have a dramatically healthy effect, done wrong and it can lead to years of problems. The key is knowing where to probe and where to come to a dead stop on the issue. An example is an ex-girlfriend. Asking what you liked her to do in bed has to have its limits by leaving her name out of it assuming he had more than one. Also being mature enough to not raise the issue divulged in confidence in the next fight you have. If you both cannot respect each other in this regard that may be part of the problem you are having. Keep in mind you are not entitled to know everything about your mate. He is entitled to his privacy as are you so what you are trying to learn is what can you both do to improve your relationship, not ammunition for the next fight.

So don't look at this as an exhaustive in depth view of his life from birth to now. Rather a way to learn somethings about each other that help you understand each other. Going too far is simply counter productive and can lead to many problems. So why get involved in knowing your lover if it can cause problems? Knowing your lover is essential, using it against him is destructive, corrosive and will cause resentment and anger and may be very difficult to fix.

For starters remember this is for fun, information on a positive note and the conversation should end with a kiss, hug or all out sex or something like that. This is about sex, knowledge about his likes and dislikes and not about anything too serious but pay a lot of attention and make every attempt to be truthful.
Question 1. Where is it you had sex in a public place?
Question 2. What is your biggest or greatest sexual fantasy?
Question 3. What part of sex with me is your most favorite part?
Question 4. Would you ever have a. anal sex b.bondage sex c. a threesome with a girl d. a threesome with another guy?
Question 5. Engage in roleplaying involving sex with a stranger, sex with two girls, one of them me?

Now these are just five questions that might end with a no but the point is to have a conversation about each of these five questions and it will be easier if you have follow up questions. Most people will not likely admit to having fantasies about a threesome with their girl friends as they may not be sure how you will react, what you will think of them and the like. This is exactly why you must be non judgemental, at all costs. That is not to say you must want to do all of these things as you may have no interest in any of these but judging him for it will leave him firmly secure in his reluctance to be honest with you and it could be forever before he ever comes clean. To some people admitting some very personal things to the one they love will never come or come very reluctantly at best. Responding "gross" or "that is disgusting" or "you wouldn'd do that, would you?" is exactly the wrong way to handle it. It is preferable to keep your response muted or not at all as be aware of what you are asking. You are asking him to be open and honest about something he has not spoken to with anyone and now you decide to judge him for doing so. OUCH!

This is not to say you should want to have a threesome as you may not want to do that but there is a good and a bad way to express those feelings. What if the response though is he wants you to masturbate him? Now while a threesome has some very valid reasons not to engage in that behaviour, most of those do not exist with masturbating your mate, or engaging in oral sex. If he expresses a desire for you to do something you are not presently doing then the conversation must shift to why not and now it is his turn to use very diplomatic language as well. This is an exercise to get you two people to get to know each other and better express your needs, likes and dislikes.

This conversation can be held in bed or on the couch in the television room or at a restaurant for that matter. The key is to keep it light, ask good questions and follow up questions and resist the temptation to judge. Listen to him and remember you may have criticized him for not talking to you. Don't damage the conversation by telling him how creepy he is because he wants to engage in anal sex. While that may never happen, the way he is told why is as important as in theory you two will be together for a good long while and you don't want bruised egos.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Halloween Acessories for Sexy Homemade Costumes 2011

Halloween accessories for sexy homemade costumes in 2011 is for girls who want to look hot and love making it themselves. Our halloween accessories for sexy homemade costumes this year, 2011 will make you look and feel awesome as well as make you the center of attention at your Halloween parties, at work or in the bedroom.

The really fun thing about Halloween is young girls get to dress up as they please as it is a time for fantasy and fun and for girls that means dressing as sexy as you dare in public. Once a year you get to look, dress and act exctly as you want with no real fear of being arrested. Of course you likely would never be arrested but depending on where you live the fear may be more or less real. So how do you use halloween accessories in making that sexy homemade costume.

Lets start with how much time, energy and money do you want to spend on your homemade sexy costume? While it may seem like you are spending a lot be realistic in that are you using an item or items that can be used again and again compared to a one time use packaged costume that may never or rarely be used again. A skirt, wig, make up, petticoat, top or other costume accessories may easily be used again and again and the cost becomes negligable as compared to the $50.00, $60.00 or more spent on a costume that still requires panties, stockings and such. You, of course, get to make that decision all by yourself.

The place you start is what costume can you make by yourself and that is really divided into two sections. One is the costume made of sheets, stuffing, elaborate art or something that is truly one of a kind. This one of a kind costume such as a human marshmallow, a human cash machine or the like is not the subject of this article. Those costumes are really awesome and they may require an enormous amount of energy in sewing, dyeing, stuffing and the like. Truly there is a place for those incredible costumes. I have nothing negative to say about those costumes but we are going to focus on two things, sexy and reusable. Reusable in that you will buy an article of clothing that you buy knowing you will wear it again. Sexy in that it can be worn to the club, bar, even work and not look costumey! The key here is accessories, makeup, hair and well attitude. Every outfit can be made to look a little or a lot like a costume. Watch Project Runway and see the designers veer into the land of costumes rather easy as it is an easy thing to do. Let me give you a couple of awesome home made costumes but ones that we aren't focusing on. Our thanks to coolest homemade costumes!
This is one simply incredible example of a home made costume that the maker tells us the following: "I started by buying a spandex shirt and pants, and then shaping muscles out of memory foam. I used anatomical muscle diagrams of both humans and wolves to try to get it pretty accurate. Eventually, I ended up with 178 hand carved muscles, which I then glued onto the spandex shirt and pants. If someone wanted to do this without spending as much time, they could just reduce the quantity of muscles and stick with more generalized shapes. You could also use regular foam instead of memory foam.

Next, I had a great friend and seamstress sew a second spandex suit, which I then slipped over the first one. If you aren’t able to get a custom sewn suit, plenty of ready to wear ones are available online or in theater/dance stores for around $50 - $75 each. To attach it and keep the seams minimal, I had the upper portion of the suit attach under the groin area (like a child’s onesie) with a snap for bathroom breaks ". If you are looking for this kind of outcome you are looking for an investment of time and money that is simply out of the scope of this article but I encourage you if that is your focus.

Again these costumes are from and I was so amazed and inspired by all the work these folks did, and their individual creativity that I had to put them on my blog for a little extra publicity. Again kudos to coolest homemade costumes for holding this contest but mostly to the contestants. Head over there and take a look at all of the well, here I go again, incredible costumes and the little kids costumes were so cute you can hardly believe it. The next example of uber coolness is the Apollo Costume. Here are some of his materials: On Hand:
Ski Gloves-
Wrestler's Ear Guards-
Storage Barrel-
Black Thermal Long Underwear-
Boom Mike from Dragon Speak software-
Axe Shampoo Bottles-
Suave Shampoo Bottles-
Black packing Foam from an Xbox-
Large US Flag-
Silver Duct Tape-
Spray on Craft Glue-

Purchased locally:
2 Tyvex Painter Suits-
Handheld US Flag-
White, Red (metallic), Blue (metallic) spray paint-
Gold Testers Paint-
.5 Yard of White Demim-
.5 Yard of Black Felt-
White Duct Tape-
Black and White Plastic Scotch Tape-
White Velcro-
Snap Fastener Kit
Sky Blue Acrylic Paint-
Led Tap Light-

Ordered from internet:
16" Acrylic Lighting Globe-
Army Surplus Cold Weather Boots-
NASA Patches-

Here is the end result which is rather impressive, don't you agree?

So where do you begin? Shopping is the answer and early August is not too early to start. But first you have to have a plan. Some ideas are easy while others are more complex. Some costumes like a sexy school girl costume, fetish girl costume, prostitute, nun, and the list goes on of easy costumes to create and for the first year that is likely the place to start. In time you may want to increase the difficulty

Creme Blanc, Lingerie, Romance and Dating Tips!

Creme Blanc is white cream, decadent and indulgent while lingerie is much the same. Then there is romance and dating, two subjects that believe it or not go with the white cream and lingerie. So when I decided what to name my blog I decided that Creme Blanc was an ideal name. No it is not about food as creme blanc is often used in association with creme brulee'or other sweet food items. My blog is about what I like and that is reading about and seeing images of sexy lingerie and hearing what I can do to improve my romance as well as picking up dating tips! What I like says a lot about me and in this way the blog is not at all limited in what I write about. Since I like creme blanc I also don't like other things like cauliflower or brussel sprouts. I do like photographs, beautiful people, architecture and movies. I am kind of eclectic, I enjoy off beat humor and politics, but less and less.

Perhaps my inspiration is the old Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass album picturing a naked girl who has whipped cream all over her body. You could only make out the outlines of her breast and nothing else really yet is left an impression on me.

The songs were kinda old school, instruments only and very sexy and that is sort of a guide for the blog. See what you think?

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Romance and Sexy Clothes on a First Date

Romance and sexy clothes go together as one of the things women and men do when thinking about romance is look to their appearance. Romance and sexy clothes operate hand in hand as going out on that first date or being seen by your new date, girl, girlfriend or boyfriend is a very important matter.

Sexy Clothes are very often on a girls mind when she is getting ready for a first date. That first date is such an uncertain time for girls and guys and things have likely not changed for over a hundred years and likely longer. What to wear? Should I buy something new, wear something old or what do I do as I want to impress him or her? Well we would like to put our feet in the water with some suggestions and tips on the subject of romance, sexy clothes and the first date. The choices are all up to you and wearing the appropriate clothes is essential to the chance of a second date and beyond.

If this is the first time you are going to be alone with the newest guy or girl in your life then the pressure is really on. No wonder people obsess about this subject as it is really very important but stressing out about it will likely result in a skin breakout, excessive sweating and other negative reactions. So what are you to do?

Now is the time to establish a look, routine and outlook for this date and future dates. First is the look and you know you don't want to look boring, staid and ugly but you also need to know that going over the top is not the way to go either. Where are you going on your first date? Out to dinner, a movie, dancing, a party or where do you intend to spend the evening. If you are going to a motel room for the evening then this will be easy but lets put that off to another post. Where you are going is going to give you a great deal of guidance as to what to wear. I will let you in on a little secret and that is I think the first date is about you, not your skirt, top and shoes. Thus you need to dress so that the focus is on you, not your boobs, legs or any other parts of your body. Failure to follow this general principle will likely get you into some difficulty, so don't ignore it. If you are simply going out for sex, then this article is too simple for your needs so don't bother following its guidelines but otherwise keep in mind, you is your face, hair, personality, speech, thoughts and conversation. What you are wearing should be secondary. Don't worry, if you want to look hot there will likely by plenty of time for that, to be sure.